Our Activities

Elderly Caucasian woman using walker and middle-aged daugher petting dog in hallway of retirement community center.

Pet Therapy

At Grace Residential Senior Living, we provide a place where seniors can continue living life to the fullest. Diminished independence is a common result of aging, and we believe that no one should be denied their wellbeing because of it. We offer pet therapy to our residents to help offset anxiety and make our residents feel needed.

Making Memories

When there’s a birthday in the resident’s family, Barbaralee helps them make a birthday cake for their loved one.

  • Field trip once a month

  • Daily exercise, games, and crafts

  • Bar-b-ques, weenie roasts. s'mores and more!

  • Raised gardening and pet interaction enhances solitude 

  • A party for every occasion or no occasion! We love parties!

  • 3 to 4 patients per house, making it a small family feeling


Family-Table Dining

We pay so much attention to the importance of family dinners in the lives of children and teens, yet when it comes to seniors, solo dining can go overlooked. At Grace Residential Senior Living, your loved one won’t be eating reheated meals alone in their room. We’re amazing cooks who will create freshly prepared stovetop masterpieces to be enjoyed around the table three times per day. We’re also known to bring out some decadent baked goods from time to time.

Individual Attention

Everyone needs a friend they can call when they’re feeling sad, frustrated, or even joyful. Seniors in assisted living are many times unable to share their emotions with others in a meaningful way, and common communication options like texting are not always accessible for our older populations. When your senior needs someone to listen, we’re all ears. Residents enjoy one-on-one attention from our genuinely caring staff.

A Special Place Senior Care

Engaging Activities

Getting older doesn’t have to mean getting bored. At Grace Residential Senior Living, we provide an assortment of activities for residents to enjoy, including checkers, chess, and bingo, along with barbecues and raised gardening to get seniors outside to enjoy the fresh air. We also strive to encourage our residents to adopt new hobbies or pick up old ones. Our goal is to provide weekly opportunities for seniors to sharpen their minds and foster new friendships.